Shaping a Favourable Tomorrow

The Special Issue “India’s Soft Push for Power in South Asia: Shaping A Favourable Tomorrow” was ideated keeping in mind the increasing need for Indian policymakers to mitigate challenges emerging against New Delhi’s South Asian policy. Through each chapter, contributed by emerging Indian scholars specializing in India’s neighborhood policy, the publications envisions new and existing strategies to effectively leverage India’s soft power appeal in South Asia. 

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India-China Trade Dashboard

The dashboard is part of ORCA’s India-China Trade Project.

The dashboard is part of ORCA’s India-China Trade Project. Synopsis: The India-China Trade dashboard- Annual is a comprehensive visualisation of yearly merchandise trade between the two economies. It captures India’s imports and exports to China between 2011-12 to 2021-22 based on the Harmonised System (HS Codes).

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The Dragon and Elephant ‘scramble’ for Africa

India and China are engaged in a contest for influence across Africa, competing over vital energy resources and minerals. As both countries grow, this competition could transform into a rivalry. Although India cannot compete with China on the basis of financial might, cultivating a New Delhi consensus that supports equal, non-exploitative relationships and champions democratic values could be the antithesis of China's moves in Africa.

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Pacific Geopolitical Maneuverings

In the past few years, bullish visions of China’s regional aspirations have dissipated as its own domestic economic realities have become clear. There has been a significant fall in China’s development spending in the Pacific since 2016. Observers have noted that this is linked to a decrease in Chinese loans across the region, although this has also been a global phenomenon. Expectations around the BRI in the Pacific have also been tempered as various projects have stalled with commentators observing that “half-finished Chinese skyscrapers stand in disrepair” in various Pacific Island countries.

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China has promoted the participation of ethnic minorities in Party and State politics by co-opting elites from ethnic minorities across various provinces. Managing the political participation of minority groups is increasingly important for social stability in China as well as China’s international image.

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